Extremely Slow Torrent Speeds Troubleshooting BitTorrent Forums

If Norton Secure VPN detects an activity using torrents, it prompts you to change to a region that lets you use torrents. As earlier pointed out, there are inherent dangers that come with torrenting. NordVPN has a unique set of qualities that makes it relatively attractive for torrenting generally, and specifically for use with uTorrent.

  • For example, they often don’t come with an automatic kill switch or an ad & malware blocker.
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  • Websites like Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, RARBG, and few others constantly get blocked by the government, ISPs, and other legal authorities.
  • That means you can playback all of your content from within your web browsing software of choice.

When you use BitTorrent, you connect to a network consisting of more than 100 million users worldwide, all uploading and downloading files. Since the speed is primarily based on the other users sharing the files you want, an extensive network is extremely important. Torrents become a savior when every service exploits users’ demands by offering premium services. So whether you wish to download an ebook torrent or have premium software, you don’t have to pay anything for torrents mostly. Torrenting itself isn’t illegal, though downloading copyrighted materials is.

Use an Antivirus Program

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That being said, you should know that this provider offers one of the best VPN applications for Windows. All you need is a subscription to this VPN, the torrent client installed on your computer, and a connection to one of the servers. Below, I outlined every single step on how to use this VPN for uTorrent, so make sure you follow closely.

Does Rainberry Inc. collect your private data?

These are two options that you want to have checked since they will certainly help you boost your torrent speed. It is a method that is used by millions to download files thanks to a peer-to-peer sharing system. Thanks to BitTorrent you can download files by connecting to other people’s computers that are also sharing the file. That way, user share part of their connections so other can get in on the fun.


If you use a VPN with powerful encryption, your ISP won’t be able to detect anything about your activity, including your torrenting activity, the websites you visit, or who you are. On regular traffic, your ISP can detect your online activity, which includes torrenting. Keep in mind that certain ISPs restrict torrenting, so you risk having you bandwidth throttled.