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Thank you. –Cal and Nancy Stevens.

rn”These are our good friends Cal and Nancy. They fulfilled on The Relationship Video game !”This is how introductions went for the first various many years of our partnership.

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For this purpose, we generally downplayed the notoriety that arrived with this strange tale. It was pretty much embarrassing as it eclipsed other things about us. We desired just to be Cal and Nancy, not Cal-and-Nancy-who-fulfilled-on- The-Relationship-Activity . We met when show #198 was taped on September fourteen, 1971.

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7 months later, on April eight, 1972, we have been married. Around the many years, the reticence to share the story receded, and now the total tale is very pleasurable to tell. And with our fiftieth wedding day anniversary on the horizon, the memory is all the sweeter. Oh, yeah.

There was a single time we were considerably less reticent to notify the tale. At the urging of the DG folks, Tv-Radio Mirror , a celeb-gossip design journal, printed a version of our story in August of 1973.

It appeared a bit sensational, and the writing was hokey, but okay. At least we turned down the present to come on The Newlywed Matc.

by that time we would had more than enough. The greatest re-telling would be to have a tape of the present, but that has eluded us more than numerous attempts in all the yrs since. Regardless of some pretty very good connections with Sony Corp, the current house owners of The Relationship Activity written content, we continue on to listen to that they simply cannot come across our episode. Various months of episodes, like ours, are simply not in Sony’s library. The tale is exciting to notify, however, even without a tape of episode 198. Go through on.

Recruited. Chuck Barris Productions (also producer of The Newlywed Activity , and afterwards The Gong Demonstrate ), ran The Dating Recreation daily every weekday afternoon and as soon as weekly in key time. Every single episode consisted of two 15-moment game titles showcasing a person (typically a woman) asking concerns of 3 contestants seated on the other aspect of a partition.

Adding it up, the display essential forty eight contestants per week. In these decades, amid Southern Californians you were being either recruited to be a contestant (even in Significant University) or knew somebody who was. Nancy’s friend, a receptionist at a modeling studio, was recruited and was instructed to deliver a close friend. Nancy was the mate.

I was doing work at a sporting merchandise shop on Wilshire Blvd. in LA when just one of the show’s producers came into the retail store. In addition to his searching, he also invited the retail store staff to occur try out for the clearly show. After mock present panel interviews, we were both of those scheduled for the present. Inspite of these precautions, rumors persisted that the show was bogus, and that contestants realized each and every other in advance. Not so.

The exhibit set-up was legit. Nancy and I did not fulfill until I rounded the partition at the conclusion of our activity. The Taping. There was a reside studio audience. A number of days’ exhibits were being taped at the similar sitting. Viewers users were being strictly advised not to shout out “decide on Bachelor #2” or regardless of what, but only to chortle and applaud. The staff from the present, all sporting headsets and clipboards, labored to shuttle contestants to the wings. The three bachelors ended up positioned on stools placed on their aspect of the stage. I was “bachelor #2. ” The phase was rotated away from viewers check out, but at the acceptable moment, immediately after the host Jim Lange opened the clearly show, the bachelors’ part of the phase would rotate again into perspective.