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History Extended Essay Subjects.

Here is some extended essay topics heritage:Analyzing the Affect of the Opium Wars on China’s Relationship with the West Finding out the Things that Contributed to the Tumble of the Roman Empire Inspecting the Legacy of the Haitian Revolution and its Impact on World-wide Anti-Colonial Movements Evaluating the Position of Ladies in the Civil Rights Motion in the United States What Were the Brings about and Consequences of the Spanish Civil War Investigating the Factors that Led to the Increase of Fascism in Italy The Effect of the American Indian Motion on Indigenous Legal rights in the United States Assessing the Good results and Failures of the United Nations in Advertising Global Peace and Security What Became The Leads to and Consequences of the Partition of India in 1947 Investigating the Role of Propaganda in Shaping General public Viewpoint all through Environment War II. Extended Essay Subject areas Computer Science. Enhancing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence: An Investigation Social Media Algorithms and Consumer Habits: An Assessment of Political Polarization Ethical Implications of Facial Recognition Engineering: An Assessment Detecting Economic Fraud with Equipment Studying Algorithms: An Evaluation Blockchain Know-how in Source Chain Management: A Research Quantum Computing and Cryptography: An Investigation into Information Stability Computer Science and Sustainable Electrical power Systems: A Review Predictive Analytics for Health care: A Comparative Research of Details Mining Strategies Autonomous Automobiles: An Exploration of Moral and Social Implications Assistive Systems for Men and women with Disabilities: A Critical Assessment of Computer Science Contributions.

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Extended Essay Topics Worldwide Politics. Assessing the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping missions in resolving conflicts The affect of social media on political activism and social movements in the electronic age The function of worldwide businesses in endorsing human rights and humanitarian help The impact of neoliberalism on worldwide economic insurance policies and its affect on establishing nations Investigating the root will cause of terrorism and strategies for combating it in the contemporary environment The effect of climate transform on world-wide politics and the role of global cooperation in addressing it An Analysis of China’s Belt and Highway Initiative and its effects on world financial and political electric power dynamics The Position of soft electric power in shaping international relations and Diplomacy Analyzing the moral implications of drone warfare and specific killings in present-day warfare The difficulties and possibilities of refugee resettlement insurance policies in developed nations around the world. Extended Essay Topics Geography.

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The marriage in between tourism and environmental conservation in a unique area or nationwide park. Evaluating the success of distinct approaches for handling and lowering plastic squander in coastal cities. The impression of sea level increase on coastal communities and infrastructure in a distinct spot.

Are you able to explain the peer guide concept and its positive aspects?

Evaluating the performance of unique renewable electrical power resources for powering a certain region or state. Evaluating the effect of deforestation on the h2o cycle and water availability in a certain location. Analyzing the impact of urbanization on the microclimate of a distinct metropolis or urban region. Learning the opportunity effects of a future earthquake or volcanic eruption on a certain area or town. What is the usefulness of several adaptation tactics to mitigate the effects of local weather adjust on agriculture in a specific region or country? Investigating the partnership between air pollution and respiratory overall health in a particular city spot or area.

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Examining the effect of mining on the ecosystem and community communities in a certain region or country. Research Inquiries for Prolonged Essay. Here is a checklist of study questions for prolonged essays:To what extent has social media impacted political participation and activism between younger folks? How does the illustration of mental illness in literature replicate shifting societal attitudes toward psychological health in excess of time? What is the affect of the use of know-how in the classroom on college student learning results? To what extent do cultural things form perceptions of elegance and human body picture, and what are the potential damaging effects of these perceptions on people today and modern society? How has the #MeToo motion impacted the legal and social responses to sexual harassment and assault? What are the ethical implications of making use of artificial intelligence to make conclusions in fields this kind of as medication or finance? How has globalization impacted financial inequality both of those in just and in between nations around the world? To what extent do historic gatherings this sort of as colonization go on to condition contemporary social and financial disparities in specific areas or international locations? What is the psychological effect of exposure to violent or graphic media on small children and adolescents? How do cultural attitudes to mental well being differ across diverse regions or nations, and what are the implications of these differences for the therapy of mental illness?

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